#ThroughTheEyesOfaWoman is created to collect women’s perspectives, narratives, and experiences of the city. 

#ThroughTheEyesOfaWoman is a platform to discuss gender equality through art.

#ThroughTheEyesOfaWoman is an initiative by creatives, using art as a tool for empowerment of women.



Historically, and in a large extent still today, our cities are designed and built by men. How would our cities look like if they were built by women? Would they look the same? What would be different? The world is urbanizing quickly. In 2016, an estimated 54.5 per cent of the world’s population lived in urban…

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“Through the eyes of a woman” use ART to showcase and interpret the perspectives of, and by, women. We believe art is a powerful tool to engage young people and provide them with direction and perspectives to transform conflict into creativity, adversity into opportunity, oppression into expression and subsequently inspire positive change. Through the eyes…

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Empowerment of women is part of a democracy-building process that generates equal rights between women and men. Increasing the number of girls in activities using art as means of social transformation provides skills within communication, creativity, problem solving, teamwork and leadership. “Through the eyes of a woman” seeks to create arenas for collaboration and mobilization…

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Exhibition @ Subtopia

From Friday, January 26th, we will exhibit parts of our installations at Subtopia, Alby.

You can now also download our magazin here

“Through the eyes of a woman also consists of a public installation that was created during a Swedish-Kenyan collaboration in Stockholm. The installation consists of nine five meter long fabrics with paitnings made by Kenyan artists Joan Otieno, Chelagat “Chela” Cherwon and Antonette Apondi, reflecting their perspectives of the world “Through the eyes of a woman”. In addition to the fabrics a furniture was created in collaboration with Swedish architect Julia Andersson. The furniture is formed as a circle and consists of 12 wooden peices, each symbolizing the female version of the 12 disciples of Jesus. Through its interactive form it creates a space for meeting and reflection, encouraging the discussion on gender perspectives to continue and grow. The purpose of the installation is to take the discussion to different public spaces in Sweden and abroad. “